World Healthcare Women Contest


Voting for the World Healthcare Women Contest will be at 3 stages.
Voting by the Public Jury will start after all candidates submit their candidate pages and will last 30 days. After that, the results of the Public Jury will be on the World Healthcare Women Contest website. 100 candidates from each category total of 400 healthcare women, will be the winners of the first round according to the votes of the Public Jury.
The Online Jury will screen, select, and talk with the first-round winners, and in 30 days, they will announce the second-round winners. Ten Candidates from each category will be the finalists who will compete in the third final round of the Final 2-DAYS Live Event in front of the Grand Jury.
The Final 2-DAYS Event of the World Healthcare Women Contest will be in May 2023. The lucky city will be known after the voting process by the voters and candidates of the World Healthcare Women Contest.
During the Final 2-DAYS Event, there will be panels on various medical topics, and 8 panelists will enlighten the guests. Moreover,6 keynote speakers will speak about health and health education issues.
Experts will handle stage program and performance management, the Grand jury will complete their voting process on the second day of the 2-DAYS Event, and the Winners will get their AWARDS.