World Healthcare Women Contest


We dream of a world where everyone has a decent living place and gets the proper healthcare services.

Healthcare organizations must manage numerous elements to be successful. These elements can include competing in a robust industry, meeting the challenges of changing government regulations, and complying with the high standards of treatments and patient safety at the same time. In addition, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators should satisfy the dual objectives of providing high-quality medical care while also delivering a significant return for shareholders.
Patient safety is a primary objective of healthcare services, while the patient experience also determines success. Therefore, patients must receive the best care from professionals with equal competence and openness. In addition, due to widespread Internet access, patients have become more educated about healthcare procedures, and healthcare professionals should prepare themselves to answer patients' questions, inform them, and ease their fears.

The healthcare industry is one of the most heavily regulated areas in the business world. Licensing the personnel and certifying equipment, disposing of medical waste and satisfying the Patients about the quality of healthcare provided are challenging. Any mistake experienced in the healthcare facility causes pressure from various government agencies on a healthcare provider. The changing landscape of healthcare regulations has forced healthcare providers to examine every aspect of their businesses for ways to ensure compliance with governmental mandates. Every department in all healthcare organizations should use checklists and employ compliance officers to ensure that they meet the conditions of the law. The Vision of the World Healthcare Women Contest is to bring blockchain technologies to healthcare services.

Digital Healthcare is the future. The patients will widely use individualized drugs, and healthcare information security will be tremendously important. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence applications in healthcare services will make the Healthcare Industry less complicated. Healthcare personnel will only engage with the treatments and the patients, not the documentation.