World Healthcare Women Contest


All around the world, women working in the healthcare industry between the ages of 24 to 80 are most welcome to participate in the World Healthcare Women Contest by filling out the application form and submitting the required documents on the Web site. The organizers will verify each contestant and post verified candidates on the candidate section of the Web site for voting.
Hurry Up! You will be joining the World Healthcare Women Contest!
Our requirements are simple:
Please, we request posting your 4 photos on your page.
1. A Portrait  2. With Work Dress standing 3. With a Mask 4. Casual Dress or National Dress Besides, please write your biography with fewer than one thousand characters. Lastly, we would like a video clip in English with your voice that will motivate the Voters to vote for you. The Public Jury Voting results will be on the Website. Online Jury members will vote and decide the lucky 40 contestants, 10 from each category, out of 400 winners of the Public Jury round. They will be the Finalists in the 2-Days Event and Pageant Show, along with the Seminars regarding Healthcare issues. 
What are your prospects?
Women will compete only within their categories. Public Jury will nominate the  First-round 100 winners from each category, a total 400 World Healthcare Women. All 400 ladies will get Certificates of Recognition, and generous sponsors will bring gifts to celebrate your success. The online Jury will nominate the Second-round 10 winners from each category, total 40 World Healthcare Women. All 40 Ladies will get second Certificates of recognition, and generous sponsors will bring gifts to celebrate your success. Finally, Grand Jury will nominate the First, Second, and Third place winners of each category during the Final 2-DAYS event.
The First Place Winners from each category get an award of EURO 25000  (4 World Healthcare Women-Platinum Medals);
The Second Place Winners from each category will get an award of EURO 15000 (4 World Healthcare Women-Gold Medals);
The Third Place Winners from each category get EURO 5000 (4 World Healthcare Women-Silver Medals).
How to win?
Firstly, register to the Website with your e-mail address, phone number, and name.
Secondly, fill out the forms, post the 4 photos of yours and 1 video like the samples on the application form, and write a bio about you in 1000 characters.
Ask for your promo code for free participation by mail:  info@worldsmartevents.com
Once you decide to participate in the Contest and make your application, you will wait for the Votings.
World Smart Events & Consultancy Ltd Co. wish you success in the competition and informs you to remember that you are the Winner already once you join the Contest and become a member of the Community of the World Healthcare Women.