World Healthcare Women Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the reason for organizing a World Healthcare Women Contest?
We want to attract the international community's attention to a new global project designed to express our deep gratitude to the healthcare teams for their daily feat and to raise the profession's prestige through beauty, humanism, professional contribution to healthcare, and corporate loyalty.
2. Who can participate in the World Healthcare Women Contest?
World Healthcare Women from 24 to 80 years of age can participate if they are still involved in active work. This event is not a beauty contest but a contest of humane and professional qualities. There are 4 Categories: LILIUM (Doctors, Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists), ORCHIDACEAE (Nurses, Treatment or Rehabilitation Personnel), PAEONIA (No medical Study and degree required - Health Facility Executives, General Manager, Managing Director, CEO, Health Facility Owners/Partners) FREESIA (Support Teams - Medical Instruments operators, Secretaries, Security Personnel, Technical Specialists, First-Aid Specialist, Ground Ambulance Drivers, Air Ambulance Drivers, Caretakers).
3. What are the Roles of the Jury Members of the World Healthcare Women Contest?
There are three types of Jury Members for the World Healthcare Women Contest:

A. Public Jury: People of the World above the age of 18 could vote for the contestants by registering to the Contest Website only once for one contestant from each of the 4 Categories total of 4 Votes. Once the Organizers announce the Voting time, the Public Jury will start voting. The result of the Public Jury will nominate the First 100 Highest voted contestants from each category, a total of 400 Contestants.  

B. Online Jury: It is the task of the Online Jury to interview and evaluate the 400 Contestants elected by the Public Jury and nominate the Finalists 10 Healthcare Women total of 40 Finalists, to compete during the 2-Days event in front of the Grand Jury.

C. Grand Jury: Grand Jury members will be present during the Final 2-Days Event to evaluate the 40 World Healthcare Women Contest Finalists and will nominate the First Place Winners, Second Place Winners, and Third Place Winners from Each of the 4 Categories.

4. How to become a contestant in the World Healthcare Women Contest?
Applying for participation in the Contest is very simple. You need to upload photos, videos, and a questionnaire on our website according to your category. If you have a Sponsor Code that will be sent to you by our team, you do not pay a participation fee. Self-applying is also possible. Relatives, friends, and patients can express their love and gratitude by paying a symbolic application fee of 200 euros.
5. Where will be the 2-Days Final Event of the World Healthcare Women Contest?
Travel safety and accessibility for all event participants are our priority in choosing a candidate city for the Final 2-Days Event. Therefore, ten candidate cities are to be voted by the World Healthcare Women candidates. Voters voting for the World Health Women candidates will also vote for the candidate cities. 

6. What are the benefits of participating in the World Healthcare Women Contest?
First, regardless of the voting results, each participant receives a recognition certificate and gratitude for their significant and challenging work. In addition to the beautiful, emotional benefits, we can confidently say that becoming a contestant for a Healthcare Woman means getting professional recognition and access to the best opportunities for advanced training, job offers, and better financial working conditions.

Moreover, the Organizer Company will organize conferences, forums, panels, exhibitions, festivals, and incentive tours. Participants of the World Healthcare Women Contest will be delegates to such events. During the Final 2-DAYS Event, there will be panels on various medical topics, and eight panelists will enlighten the guests. Furthermore, six keynote speakers will speak about health and health education issues.
Experts will handle stage program and performance management, the Grand jury will complete their voting process on the second day of the 2-DAYS Event, and the Winners will get their AWARDS.
7. How many winners will be in the World Healthcare Women Contest?
Women will compete only within their categories. Public Jury will nominate the First-round 100 winners from each category, a total 400 World Healthcare Women. All 400 ladies will get Second Certificates of Recognition, and generous sponsors will bring gifts to celebrate your success.
The online Jury will nominate the Second-round 10 winners from each category, total 40 World Healthcare Women. All 40 Ladies will get third Certificates of recognition, and generous sponsors will bring gifts to celebrate your success.
Finally, Grand Jury will nominate the First, Second, and Third place winners of each category during the Final 2-DAYS event.
The First Place Winners after the results of the Grand Jury During the 2-Days Event will be awarded EURO 25000 from each category. (4 World Healthcare Women-Platinum Medals)
The Second Place Winners from each category will get an award of EURO 15000 (4 World Healthcare Women-Gold Medals)
The Third Place Winners from each category will get an award of EURO 5000 (4 World Healthcare Women-Silver Medals)
8. What is the Organizing Company, and Who are the Organizing Committee Members of the World Healthcare Women Contest?
Dünya Smart Etkinlikler ve Danışmanlık Limited Şirketi (World Smart Events and Consultancy Limited Company) organized the event. Organizer Committee Members are experts from various fields; people respected all over the World. Although members are not necessarily in the ''Healthcare Sector'', these people contribute to the event with their life experiences, thoughts, and ideas, showing sympathy and gratitude to the Healthcare Women. Furthermore, they play an essential role in raising funds for materializing the event successfully and extraordinarily to fulfill the noble reason for organizing such a Worldwide event. The Event Organizers will contribute 10% of the Net Revenue of the World Healthcare Women Contest Event to the Families of The Passed away patients due to COVID-19 and to the families of the People who died during the last wars in the World.