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Valentina Castellani-Quinn is an Award-Winning Film Producer, President, and Chairman of Quinn Studios Entertainment, which continues the Legacy of Academy Award-Winning Actor Anthony Quinn, in the fields of art and entertainment. She was born in Florence, ITALY, and living in Los Angeles, USA. Valentina produced many Academy Awards candidate films,  Internationally recognized and distributed. She won the prestigious US CONGRESS AWARD, The HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD, the English WIFTS Award as a “Visionary Producer” together with Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and actress Gal Gadot. Because of her ethical work as a producer, and her service to global society, Valentina was invited to speak at many International Organizations, including, The US Congress, United Nations, UNESCO, The YPO/Young President Organization, and a number of International Universities. She just signed in 2021 a partnership contract between the UAE Royal Family and QUINN STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT  to produce Films, Documentaries, in a joint venture with them. The First Film in production will be "POLO", produced by QUINN STUDIOS ENTERTAINMENT. Valentina will be Awarded in March 2022 at the Women Empowerment Global Forum, together with Mrs.Michelle Obama in Dubai, UAE.