World Healthcare Women Contest


Serhii is the founder of an Artificial Intelligence Medical tour (AI Medtour) company developing artificial intelligence in Ukraine for working with patients for clinics and medical service companies from over the Globe. His company also develops software for managing clinics using artificial intelligence and neural networks. The appearance of robots in social networks, which could correspond with clients in chats, captivated him. And the completed sales training and the experience of organizing various business training for eminent coaches made it possible to teach robots to be the best version of a sales manager, facilitating the work of company employees and increasing the percentage of closing deals. The next step in the use of neural networks was voice robots, which not only answered customers’; first questions but also closed deals. According to his work experience, Internet marketing in the medical field is unexplored but not easy to work with; digital algorithms prohibit many things. But nothing is impossible. Before applying his knowledge in such a challenging field as medicine with AI Medtour, Serhii developed his skills as the owner of a network of beauty salons, a co-owner of hotels, and a shareholder of an oil refinery. Working in medicine allows Mr. Serhii to get a sense of fulfillment and