World Healthcare Women Contest


Sam Awad is a founder of Global Medical Top Partners "GMTP" in Greece, Thessaloniki. The company, as teamwork, works hard to offer the best quality of care to patients and to be excellent at everything we do and every service it provides. GMTP represents clinics and rehabilitation centers in Greece to arrange treatment for international patients. Before Sam Awad started serving patients, he was a travel agent for 19 years, and it was an exciting job organizing people's holidays and seeing them return happy. But in 2012, he got the idea and plunged into the field of medicine. Now his joy is much more significant because it is not just a job, but it is a mission, a critical mission that involves people's health and future. Whenever he sees a child smiling, an older person standing healthy or a young patient winning the battle with those deadly diseases, he feels it was his battle. Hence, Sam Awad and GMTP team's mission is to help people find the correct diagnosis and get high-quality medical services at affordable prices. And a couple of Top experts coordinate to offer them the best results. The company team is very close to patients, respects their feelings, feels their problems, and helps them psychologically and physically overcome difficult moments and return to everyday life. Also, GMTP supports those unable to cover the cost of their medical treatment. The company helps patients in difficult financial circumstances with financial assistance to protect the necessary medical services with a payment plan or financial aid.