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Melike Ayan is the New York Correspondent for Bloomberg HT Television, where she provides in-depth coverage and analysis of major economic and business trends, including in-depth reporting on global corporations. Ayan, who joined Bloomberg in 2010, has anchored and reported segments around the globe including at the IMF, World Bank meetings, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. She has interviewed numerous major investors as well as top leaders in business, economics, government and philanthropy. Additionally, Ayan established her own company, Mel Strategies, which specializes in five key services: Media Relations, Marketing, Strategic Counsel, Crisis Communications and Media Training. Ayan’s early career included serving as Investor Relations Manager at Capital Link Inc., where she oversaw creation of IR products and marketing tools, edited the company magazine and led the creation of its website. Ayan earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marmara University in Turkey, and an MBA in finance, accounting and marketing from Rutgers University in New Jersey.