World Healthcare Women Contest


Ahmet Çağrı,is a Project Creator.He always needed Co-Partners, Solution Partners, and Contributors while materializing his Projects. However, he can create projects inspired by an Author, a Poet, a Friend, or Natural Beauties. He does not struggle a lot to find inspiration. Inspiration is somewhere in the world, and when the time comes, it sticks to his brain, soul, and heart. He studied engineering after high school, but he was after inspiration and studied social sciences and political science until he started believing that motivation was not enough to go on. So, he founded himself in Investment Banking, searching different sectors in parallel with the development of technology, and started thinking about sustainability in the challenging business world. Electromobility, Smart Cities, Digitalization of Healthcare, and Proper Healthcare Solutions for All attracted him. He is the Vice-Chairman of Istanbul Electrical Vehicles and Industry JSC, Founder of Businesstanbul Investment Services, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of World Smart Events and Consultancy Ltd Co.that organizes the World Healthcare Women Contest.