World Healthcare Women Contest

Vlasta Brozicevic

Category: Lilium
Candidate Number: 1009
Name and Last Name: Vlasta Brozicevic
Age: 70
Company & Country: Croatia


Prim. Vlasta Brozičević, M.D. specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology, Head of Medical Department at Polyclinic Terme in Selce and Rijeka. Co-founder, Member of the Board and Deputy CEO. Head of Biodex isokinetic reference center with US licence. In 30 years of Terme Selce she helped 47.000 clients, from 87 countries, and 120 Olympians. Author and co-author, lecturer and speaker, initiator of 30 projects. 30 acknowledgements and awards. In 2021 Employee of the year in health tourism. Participant in 5 Olympic games. Official doctor of CroSki Team. Member of Medical Committees at Croatian Olympic Committee and FIS.