World Healthcare Women Contest

Viktoriya Khaitova

Category: Lilium
Candidate Number: 1007
Name and Last Name: Viktoriya Khaitova
Age: 53
Company & Country: USA


My name is Viktoriya Khaitova, and I'm a Physician Associate, epidemiologist, certified liver transplant coordinator, and a founder of Khaitov Medical PLLC, a Travel Medicine Company located in New York City. The clinic's mission is to provide affordable, high-quality medical and preventive care to Americans traveling abroad and travelers returning home from international journeys with medical issues such as infectious gastroenteritis, parasitic infections, tuberculosis, malaria, and much more. For more than 20 years, I have been working in direct patient care, treating patients with acute and chronic liver diseases. During these years, I probably treated more than 1000 patients. However, my role in the Travel Clinic is more focused on preventive medicine because simple precautions such as vaccination against preventable diseases. My long-term goal is to continue to promote preventative medicine and help my patients to live longer and better lives without preventable illnesses.